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Sign2me – translating sign language
Sign2me app ready in 2020


Improving life of hearing impaired with a new app

Equal communication is a necessity for humans. Using AI and deep learning, Sign2me will change the world for people depending on sign language. With the app, you will have a sign language interpreter in your pocket. Communicating has never been easier!

98% of the population do not understand sign language. Whether you’re a user of sign language or encounter with users in your daily life, the need to be understood is important for both parts. Sign2me provides the opportunity to communicate on an equal level no matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing.

Real-time translation
Fluent communication

The ability to translate in real-time is the cornerstone of Sign2me’s mission. Understanding the complexity of sign language is another.

The app sign2me is capable of reading not only hand signs, but it also considers the mimics on your face. It is a personal tool that provides a fluent two-way communication because it is able to translate both to and from sign language.

Sign language users in Denmark

Are born deaf and use sign language as their primary communication form
Have become deaf over time and use written language or sign language
Have lost most of their hearing-capacity over time and experience challenges communicating
Have Cochlear implant

The Creators

Dedicated to breaking down the communication barrier between deaf and hearing people


Brian Klindrup

is an educated civil engineer dedicated to contributing to change. He has worked globally in rural parts of the world with project management overseeing large-scale projects aiming to easier the life of others.

CO-founder at Sign2me.


Gabriel Andersen

has a heavy background in supply-chain management working for corporations such as LEGO, Siemens, and Ørsted, Gabriel Andersen is skilled in strategy and logistics. He is devoting all of his time in order to make things happen.

CO-founder at Sign2me.


Maria Nielsen

ensures that Sign2me meets all the requirements for facilitating an easy and fluent two-way communication.
She works closely with the Alexandra Institute providing insight into the knowledge of sign language.

Sign language interpreter at Sign2me.

Sign2me beta version is ready!

We are proud, thrilled, and excited to announce, our app Sign2me is now ready for download! It has been in the pipeline for quite a while. We have adjusted it. Tested it. Adjusted it some more, so it would be in great shape for you guys to use it. BUT now it’ss accessible in App Store and Google Play.

This version of the app can translate from English to Signed Exact English, that is, word for word, with English syntax. The characters appear as videos we received from Spread the Sign. We are working on publishing a Danish and Swedish version which will be available in the autumn of 2022. The next goal is to be able to translate into sign language with the correct syntax. This version of Sign2me is a small step by many on the road to equal communication between the hearing and the deaf – but it is a big step in the right direction.

We expect to be able to release a version that can translate sign-Danish in the autumn of 2022.

Help us do our best!
We want to know, what you think about sign2me. Feel free to send us some feedback on: info@sign2me.eu.

What others say about us


“Start-up builds Google translate for deaf by deep learning”

Alexandra Institute

“New app will create easy communication between deaf and hearing.
The unemployment amongst deaf people is sky-high. A report from “Ankestyrelsen” and the Central Handicap Union from February 2016 states, that only 38% of deaf people within the age of working, do so. The biggest challenge for the deaf people is communication, and with only 20 hours of interpretation a week, it is hard to participate in the more informal fellowship at the workplace.
But a new app, named sign2me, may be able to ease the communication between deaf and hearing.”

CareWare next

“The nomination of the idea is based on the fact, that if the solution can be realized, it can provide a significant lift for the target-group of deaf and hearing impaired, also with potential on a global scale. The solution is able to accommodate the law-requirement that organizations have to be able to communicate with hearing impaired, for example in terms of costumer service. This law is a reality in most countries.”

Organizations supporting us

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