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About – Sign2me


Got the Idea at
a Birthday Party

The year is 2016 and Brian is attending his nephew’s birthday party in Aarhus. He is having a conversation with his nephew and asks about his presents. But Brian has a hard time understanding his nephew because he has a speech impediment. Unfortunately, like 98 % of the population, Brian doesn’t know how to speak sign language. Brian thinks to himself: “Theres got to be an app, that can translate speak and sign language. I’ll go download it right now!”

Brian opens the app store and starts searching, so he and his nephew can continue their conversation – maybe even improve it! However, as he keeps searching, he discovers that there is no such app. Therefore, he decides to take action. He will create the app, he could not find. The first building blocks for Sign2me have been now placed.


Equal Communication

Humans spend a significant amount of hours during the day communicating. Studies find that when working, employees spend 50 % to 80 % of their time talking, listening, writing or reading. Having difficulties communicating on an equal level does not only cause problems participating in a job, but it also causes exclusion from social structures. Sign2Me is dedicated to creating equal communication in all of life
s daily chores. 

For the Individual

Sign language is as personal as the pronunciation of words. The way we communicate is a representation of the way we think and no minds think alike. Sign2Me takes pride in being able to personalize the app for the individual. It adjusts to your sign language and adapts the signs you use. In case you use special signs, as for example nicknames, you can create your sign in the app. This way, Sign2Me is build to give the most fluent and sincere translation.

World Wide Perspective

Sign language is a necessity in all countries, but just like spoken languages, sign language varies from country to country. Based on our strong belief in equal communication, Sign2Me works in different languages. Furthermore, the app gives the feature to download other languages for a short or long period of time. This means, that not only can sign users and non-sign users communicate using Sign2Me; sign users from all over the world are able to interact. Whether youre going on a holiday or meeting a family member from a different country, Sign2Me provides translation.

We Have Achieved

Danish beta version
Communities commited to use app

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on any smartphone without additional equipment?

Yes. The Sign2Me app works on any smartphone and does not require additional equipment such as gloves or special cameras.

Which languages are supported by the Sign2Me app?

The testing country is Denmark. Afterwards we intend to launch in Germany, France, UK and Spain. Our ambition is provide Sign2Me in all of Europe, USA and Canada to begin with. The vision is to make Sign2Me available in all countries.

When will the app be available?

Early 2020. For beta testing please contact us through the contact form here.

Will the Sign2me app replace physical sign language interpreters?

We consider the Sign2me app to be a virtual supplement especially useful in everyday situations that life offers.

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