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Sign2rescue: A new app for Emergency Responders – Sign2me

Sign2rescue: A new App for Emergency Responders

At Sign2me, we are creating a new app that can help emergency responders communicate with people who are deaf

Because what happens if a deaf person gets into an accident where they are in urgent need of help but cannot communicate their rescuer?

For people who are deaf, sign language is the primary form of communication, which means they depend heavily on the people in their everyday-life also being able to use sign language. A rescuer, paramedic, or firefighter is rarely able to do so. Therefore, we are now developing an app that can help emergency responders communicate in such situations.

We call the app Sign2rescue! We expect to launch in mid -July this year. With the app, emergency responders will be able to give but also get vital information in situations where time can be a matter of life and death. Therefore, it’s important that we can launch as soon as possible – Because the app is needed. If you would like to know more about the app, take a look at our LinkedIn, where we will be posting news about our project!

About the app

Sign2rescue is far more simple than our upcoming sign language interpreter app. It’s not based on artificial intelligence and does not depend on algorithms.
The app works as a video library where you can choose from a list of videoes displaying standardized sentences, which are translated into sign language. The emergency responders choose the video, with the sentence they need in the exact emergency situation and show it the deaf or hearing impaired person.

We are currently working with “Frederiksborg Brand & Redning”, who is helping us develop the videos for the app. However, anyone dealing with practicing emergency services should be able to use Sign2rescue. Within the app, you can choose from a list of different emergency responder professions: firefighter, rescuer, police, etc. If you click on ‘rescuer’ you enter the video library of sentences customized just for the rescuer. It can be phrases like, “Can you move your legs?”, “Are you stuck?”, “Are you hurt somewhere? Point to show me, if you can.” With the app, communication between people who are deaf and emergency responders will become not only easier but also faster – which can be vital in emergency situations!

The app will be free to download and use – without any financial expenses for emergency responders. For more information about Sign2rescue – keep an eye out on our LinkedIn. It’s important that we improve communication between people who are deaf and emergency responders so that rescuers, firefighters, policemen, and emergency responders, in general, can be fit to provide the best possible help for everyone.

Right now we are looking for experts: emergency workers and people that are deaf who would like to cooperate with us in making both the sentences and the videos for the app. That way, we believe, we’ll make the best result. Reach out on; presse@sign2me.eu, if you are interested.

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