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Sign2rescue – Sign2me

Sign2rescue: a New App for Emergency Responders


We are making an app called Sign2rescue, that will be totally free to download and use. The app works as a video library with sentences that are translated into sign language, so emergency responders will be able to communicate with people that uses sign language for communicating.  It can be used by anyone who performs emergency services. It can support rescuers, paramedics, policemen, firefighters, etc. when communicating with deaf or hearing-impaired people in emergency situations.

Our goal is, that emergency responders can download Sign2rescue completely free – because we think everybody has the right to equal communication.




Sign2rescue works as a video library where you can choose from a list of videoes displaying standardized sentences, which are translated into sign language. The videos can be played and shown to the deaf or hearing impaired person. Within the app, you can choose from a list of different emergency professions: firefighter, rescuer, police, etc. If you click on “rescuer” you enter the video library of sentences customized just for the rescuer. It can be phrases like, “Can you move your legs?” or “Are you stuck?” By showing the video to the deaf person, the emergency responder can both give and get vital information!

Follow our progress with the app on our Facebook page!



Firefighter, Rasmus from Frederiksborg Brand & Redning

“Not necessarily all firefighters are can use sing language. Therefore, Sign2rescue is a very interesting project: to develop an app, that makes us able to communicate with people that are deaf or hearing impaired. This is useful for example at the scene of an accident if the person is in immediate danger and we need to be able to communicate instantly.”



Sign2rescue – Step by Step

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